Welcome to Engine 21!

Welcome to my new Blog, Engine 21! I’m an Entrepreneur with a flavor for seeking out great opportunities, and looking to partner with hungry people who are gearing up for developing a Freedom based lifestyle. My motivation is driven by so many different things, but mostly on the fact that I want to spend quality time with my family while also making enough money to live very comfortably. My goal is to find people and companies who are driven by helping other people and companies achieve success, whatever that different level of success may be.

I recently have moved to the great state of Colorado, and am seeking investment opportunities. These can be in the form of Real Estate, which is my primary area of expertise, as well as other opportunities with Start-Ups, which I am getting more accustomed to. The wealth of information that I’ve been able to glean from other individuals and companies has been the number one reason why I do what I do on a daily basis.

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