Startup that I like

I just was informed of a startup called BillHero. I’m not going to post a link to them quite yet because they have not launched their product nationwide just yet, but their concept is really cool.

BillHero was started by a group of Fort Collins entrepreneurs that have a little bit of knowledge in the start up game. Most of the partners have been involved in multiple businesses, start ups, and know what it takes to get something very sophisticated launched. They have poured a ton of time and money into a financial application that is aimed at college students and anybody in a shared rent situation who share bills. When I was in college, me and my roommates would share bills, and go through the pesky situation of writing each other multiple checks per month for rent, utilities, food..You know the drill. I had the distinct pleasure of being the guy who would take the rent checks to our landlord every first of every month to drop off the rent. Between that and all the other house expenses, sharing bills is a major hassle.

What BillHero does is gets all roommates set up on one system to pull the funds automatically from their bank accounts, with a backup of a credit card, and then sends the checks to the appropriate companies when the bill is due. No more hassle of someone going to drop off checks, no more hassle of writing multiple checks in one month. Basically, this takes care of everything. As a roommate, you simply have to go into the app once you get a bill, enter the amounts of the bill, and BillHero takes care of the rest. How simple and easy is that?

I wish I had this back in the day, because it might have saved me some angst, and saved some relationships from deteriorating because of financial squabbles between immature roommates. Too bad this wasn’t around when I was in college. AND, I wish I would have thought of this concept a long time ago, although I’m sure building all of this with the website framework has to be thousands of hours of collective work.

Roommate fights have met their match in BillHero.

No more roommate trouble with bills!
No more roommate trouble with bills!