What I did this Weekend

Because I’m big on vacation and spending time with family, we decided to make this weekend mostly about fun, which I think is very important to recharge the battery on a consistent basis. To me, this means completely withdrawing from work and focusing on the family. The toughest part of this for me is making sure that I put my Iphone away, so I don’t answer emails, phone calls, or texts. What normally happens is my wife and I agree that I will have my phone on me all day, but only use it if we need to look something up like the location of a restaurant or directions to somewhere we need to go. Other than that, the phone is off limits, as are the computer. This doesn’t happen every weekend, but at least there’s a conversation about when it needs to happen.

So, thankfully, I was able to not go ‘To Work’ on the weekend, and as a result, my wife was very happy with me. I do feel very refreshed and ready to attack the week in a very productive fashion. Turns out that while we were eating at Steuben’s on Saturday, we struck up a conversation with a guy who owns a Real Estate Company in Fort Collins. Brad Sawatzky runs Colorado Real Estate Pros, which can be found here: www.coloradorepros.com. Brad has been in Real Estate for quite a while, and just split off from another company to begin his own venture. We invited Brad and his wife Erica to sit down with us and struck up a conversation about the leap of faith that is starting your own company.

I shared my story about working in Corporate America for years, and never being satisfied with what I did, and he shared his story about working for a Real Estate Company in Loveland, Colorado, who would never really listen to or apply his ideas about what he thought would drive the company forward. He was offered an ownership stake in the firm, and took it, but when he saw that his stake was not growing after two years, he knew it was time to leave and start his own company. The challenges to him have not been getting clients, as he was in Real Estate for 12 years prior, so he’s worked with hundreds of people and families trying to find them a place to live. His primary challenge has been the unreal amount of paperwork that his assistant, at his former firm that I won’t name, would complete for him. Things like offer letters, communicating with the appraisers, and all of the little things that he had not done by himself for a number of years. Brad said that he was always so good at simply working with homebuyers and sellers, and that was his specialty. Why do the little things if someone is getting paid to do them for you.

Since I have had my share of experiences with assistants, I asked him why he didn’t just go out and hire his own assistant, part-time until he found the need to hire someone full time to do the same stuff that his old assistant did.

After a delightful dinner, Brad and I scheduled a meeting for later this week to discuss further Investment opportunities, as that’s a huge interest to me, which you saw in one of my earlier posts. I will share with him some other ideas I have in terms of hiring virtual assistants and if that’s worth the time and money that it would require to train someone.

Brad is a very bright person, and I have no doubt that he will succeed with what he does, especially since he’s helped so many people and families find a home!

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