Some Friday Motivation

Most successful people I know need a bit of motivation on a daily basis. I get mine from watching videos every morning, and reading out my morning ‘affirmations’ as I like to call them. I read the same exact thing each morning, which is kind of like a mission statement of sorts. It basically states what I want to accomplish in life, what the most important things in my life are, and therefore makes me concentrate on them a bit more throughout my day while I’m working my tail off.

The motivational videos I search for simply consist of a Youtube search for ‘Motivation’. If you type that keyword in to Youtube, so much pops up that it’s sometimes difficult to choose what to watch. At first, I had a tough time choosing what to watch, but now I simply pick one out, and watch it, without distractions, from beginning to end. You wouldn’t believe the impact that this can have on your daily productivity, if you actually pay attention to what successful people are saying in a video. Try making this be the very first thing you do after you wake up and get ready for your day, and you’d be amazed at what you can achieve.

Here’s an example of what I watch daily:

Think about it. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most successful people that we could ever think about. He has become a superstar on every level, (We won’t discuss his relationships, that’s a different story), but his message here is simple: You can do anything you set your mind out to do. There’s going to be so many people that get in your way and tell you that you cannot accomplish something, but You, and only You, are the reason for your successes or failures. I remember watching another Arnold video a couple months ago that resonated with me because he said ‘Someone tried to tell me that I couldn’t become the governor of California, and I took that challenge head on’. You know the rest of the story, he won the seat of Governor in a landslide. He’s lived a pretty special life, and he said he owes it all to people who told him he couldn’t succeed, because that drove his desire to overcome and win.

Entrepreneurial life is really all about taking risks, learning from your failures, and overcoming objections, whether those objections are coming from others or yourself. You know the deal, you wake up in the morning and either tell yourself you can or cannot accomplish something. If you set out to do something that is difficult and contains many complicated steps, you will most certainly encounter something that tries to stop you or slow you up. How you overcome that failure, or that roadblock, is paramount to your success.

At this moment, I’ve been awake for about two hours and already I’ve been able to clear about 5 things off my plate that I wanted to accomplish today. I could have placed many distractions in front of my work today, whether that be the fact that my phone has already ringed 5 times in the past hour, or the other 4 text messages that I’ve received that I have not responded to, because they need to wait until I accomplish the next thing on my list.

Success is ultimately a choice, and that’s what I have taken from watching these motivational videos each morning.

I hope you learned a little bit from this post, and this helps you overcome an obstacle today!

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